LuAnne Hightower    voice, frame drum, djembe, tamboura, synth
David Seidel    acoustic guitars, electric bass, frame drum, tamboura, dhikr
Humayun Farzad    voice, harmonium, frame drum, surmandal, dhikr
Cybele    voice, sarangi, tamboura, dulcimer, dhikr, majdhub
Shankar    tablas, dhikr

Special Guests
Frederick Stubbs    ney
Todd Roach    frame drum, doumbek

Produced and arranged by LuAnne Hightower, David Seidel, and Beloved.

Didn't They Tell You used with permission of Kabir Helminski.

Who Is At My Door, from RUMI: IN THE ARMS OF THE BELOVED by Rumi, translated by Jonathan Star, copyright © 1997 by Jonathan Star. Used by permission of Jeremy P. Tarcher, a division of Penguin Putnam Inc.

Allahu used with permission of Lora Zorian © 2001.

Special thanks to Kathleen Seidel, Amy Wilson, and Lora Zorian for their generous support of and enthusiasm for this project.

Recorded at Northern Track Studio. Engineer: Gary Henry. Assistant engineer: Colby Dix.
Mixed and mastered at Cedar House Sound and Mastering. Engineer, Jerry Putnam.

Cover art: Barriers, Fire, Our Night by Ric Campman, used with permission of Petria Mitchell.
Cover photo: Elizabeth Ungerleider.
Cover design: Lora Zorian.

(c) (p) 2001 by Beloved Publications